SHOUTcast Hosting Servers

Broadcast High Quality Audio to any Device, Anywhere

SHOUTcast hosting servers built to deliver audio content, natively to most web connected devices, including PC's, mobile devices, tablets, audio amplifiers and cars. Stream your audio content through SHOUTcast, the server streaming platform of choice used by Server Room for audio streaming.

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Hardware Encoders for Professional Broadcasters

Reach your internet audience, without a PC, using one of our recommended IP audio hardware encoders. Our streaming platform is compatible with Barix, Streamit and Deva Broadcasting audio encoders, to deliver a true, computer free streaming solution.

Stream and Take Live Calls with Skype and MIXXX

Take live calls during your live broadcast by integrating MIXXX with Skype. The software is free of charge and can be deployed on Widows, Mac OS X and Ubuntu.

Combine your Live Streaming with our Cloud DJ

Don't have 24/7 programming? Eliminate dead air by streaming directly from the cloud when you're not streaming live from your studio. Our auto dj solution (included with select plans) automatically kicks in when your live source drops.

Turnkey enterprise audio streaming solutions crafted to your requirements


Get a custom architected streaming solution, designed, deployed and maintained by a team of experts whom understand the SHOUTcast platform. Deploy your streaming services on our shared platform, on a dedicated server (bare metal), cluster of servers or a private cloud.


Your own Mobile App FREE*


Available free mobile application customized with your logo and background images, deployed on all markets free of charge. SEE OUR APPS.

*Free application deployment available with select plans. Developer account required for IOS and Android deployment.


No Website Required


A custom page with your radio player is provided with all radio hosting accounts. SEE OUR PLAYER.


Top Features

Easy to Deploy

Your streaming services can be deployed with just a few simple steps. Download the SHOUTcast DSP plugin, connect your audio source, connect to our servers, and you're LIVE!

Works with Any Content

Broadcast an audio feed coming from an existing source, or MP3 files stored on your PC or MAC.

Automate your Station

Upload your audio files to our servers, create playlists and schedules and automate your station. Your can run Auto DJ 24x7 or after the end of your live event. Auto DJ is available free of charge with select plans.


Compatible with a wide range of encoders, including software and hardware encoders. Use SHOUTcast DSP, SAM or use a Barix Hardware Encoder.


Insert your own audio ads through our Auto DJ platform or monetize through the SHOUTcast advertising platform.

Royalty Reports

Monthly royalty reports are automatically generated through our control panel, to help estimate your dues to U.S. ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, SoundExchange, & SOCAN (Canada).

Always on


Deploy your streaming services on network and equipment monitored 24x7, and back by a 100% uptime SLA.


Customer happiness is one our top priorities. Instant live support is available 24x7 via live chat, phone or e-mail.

Dedicated to SHOUTcast Audio Streaming

We are live 24/7 since 2004, with an industry leading uptime track record of 99.9%. We understand SHOUTcast from end to end, and we're here to help you deploy your audio streaming services.

Free Trial
Unique questions? We have precise answers. Ready to start a conversation? Call us at 1 646-201-4076