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The only audio encoder that requires no setup. Plug it in and stream.

Yes, Get My Encoder

Your encoder is delivered preconfigured with your Server Room radio streaming account settings. Simply plug it in and start streaming.

Inputs and Encoding

The Zerhex G1 audio encoder uses RCA inputs. Cable adapters the covert RCA to XLR are available separately. Compatible with any Shoutcast or Icecast server, the G1 encodes analog audio to digital AAC, Mp3 or OGG.
  • Applications
  • AAC, Mp3, OGG Audio Encoding
  • Point to point audio bridge
  • Shoutcast or Icecast server source
  • In-store music player
  • Features
  • Stream audio without a PC
  • No setup required, simply plug n play*
  • Headphone audio out
  • Automatic podcast upload
  • Audio Recording


Add your available advertising slots to your calendar and sell them through your custom player page. Potential advertisers can view available slots and request to purchase them.



Have multiple DJ’s? Use our web interface to schedule which DJ gets access to each time slot. Their device will automatically connect when scheduled. Also, listeners can view your upcoming schedule, displayed on your custom player page.



Your broadcast is automatically recorded and uploaded to your custom player page. Your recordings are turned into podcasts, available on your custom radio page.



Broadcast worldwide or only to your countries of choice. Use our geo-blocking system to select the countries that have access to your radio.

Technical Specifications

Supported Extensions - Zerhex ONAIR Indicator sign YES
Encoding Mode - MPEG-1 Layer 3
Mono and stereo - Joint Stereo or Dual Channelt
PCM codec - 2 Channels
Codec - MP3, HE-AAC (v.1 and v.2)
- Joint Stereo or Dual Channel
- MPEG-1 Layer 3
- raw PCM, OGG
Sample rates - 32 kHz, 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz
Bitrates - Up to 320 kbps (MPEG-1);
Streaming Server - Shoutcast v1, v2 / Icecast compatible TCP/IP stream
Point to Point - Direct audio point to point transmission. No broadcast server required.
Audio Recorder - MicroSD, Cloud recorder - Save audio directly to cloud server
Broadcast schedule - Set broadcast connect and disconnect schedule
Recorder & recorder schedule - Set record schedule
Network - RJ-45, Ethernet, Analog audio input
Connector - RCA (Left & Rigth), stereo
User control panel - Full control and status information
Cloud interface - Access configuration panel from any web browser on the internet without port forwarding or proxy.
Mobile interface - Mobile App
Operating conditions
Temperature - 40° C to 70° C
Power Requirements
Voltage - 5V DC
Connector - 3.5mm X 1.35mm Dc Power
Size - 105 x 25 x 105 mm
Config profile - Unlimited
Config Mode - Zero configuration mode supported
Geographical Blocking - Supports API geographical blocking mode
Why Server Room?

Pair your Zerhex encoder with streaming services deployed on a global network, designed for low latency streaming. Your encoder is delivered pre-configured with your server settings, ready to start streaming. Server Room services are backed by 24/7 support and our 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Create your Server Room radio streaming account and pair it with Zerhex.