Online Streaming Server Hosting


SERVER ROOM and its staff shall always endeavor to work directly with its clients to determine an appropriate solution to any problem that may arise in relations to the client's Streaming & Hosting Services. However, if no reasonable solution can be found and or all resources to resolve the problem have been exhausted and a refund should be considered the only recourse, a refund shall be granted according to the refund policy.

Refunds are granted in two cases:

1. SERVER ROOM was not able to deliver streaming or hosting to the client as specified in our Terms of Service.

2. Client is not happy with service and requests a refund within 3 days of service activation.

Refund calculation:

Refunds are granted on a pro-rated basis minus a 15% fee on the refund amount. Pro-rated refunds are calculated at monthly pricing if account is billed annually yet cancelled prior to renewal.

For Yearly Billing

Say your service fee is 42 per month billed annually and you have 10 months of service left - the pro-rated refund will be calculated as follows:

42 * 10 months left = 420 minus 168 (two months of service at monthly price) = 252. Now subtract 15%. 252 minus 37.8 = 214.20 (Total Refund)

For Monthly Billing

Say your service fee is 84 per month and you have 10 days of service left - the pro-rated refund will be calculated as follows:

( 84.00 / 30 days per month) * 10 days left = 28 minus 15% fee ( 4.20) = Total refund ( 23.80).

For services that are charged by transfer and/or disk-space usage, i.e. that do not have a fixed monthly cost - the current transfer and disk usage cost accrued will be charged against your account before any refunds are granted.

Please note: For ease of calculation we use 30 days for all calculations, irrespective of the actual exact duration of the current calendar month.

Steps to request Refund:

1. Contact our support team via live chat & request a refund. Be sure to keep a record of your conversation with our support team.

2. The SERVER ROOM staff then will take care of your refund request within 48 hours.

Important policies

1. If the client forgets or fails to cancel the service before the expiration date and the service is extended, the client will be charged until the end of the billing cycle - even if the service was not used during that period.

For example, say your service date is June 30th, but you request cancellation on July 2nd, you will be charged until the end of your billing cycle which is on July 31st.

2. Failure to use the service - and there was no technical problem under SERVER ROOM's control that prevented the client from using the service - will not qualify the client for additional credit days.

3. Overpayments - i.e. when the client forgets to cancel a PayPal subscription for a cancelled service - will be refunded in full.

4. Days credited for downtime or service interruptions may not be exchanged for monetary value.