ai, machine learning & deep learning dedicated servers

Get outstanding training and inference times with a GPU equipped dedicated server, perfect for parallel task processing and complex deep machine learning frameworks.

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Deep learning

GPU dedicated servers, perfect for deep learning

Enterprise infrastructure

Deploy your most resource intensive applications on a GPU dedicated server, designed specifically for the training of deep learning models.

Machine Learning

Get access to the latest GPUs from NVIDIA, AMD and Intel, with the best available data processing speeds, optimal for machine learning projects.

99.9% SLA

Your services are backed by our industry leading 99.9% uptime SLA and supported by a team of machine learning experts, around the clock.

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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence

Get a GPU dedicated server that can process artificial intelligence tasks with high efficiency

GPU dedicated servers

When you combine a high-performance GPU with the raw processing power of a dedicated server you get the best possible efficiency out of a single machine. Replace up to 30 serves with a single GPU server.

Computing power

Get access to server hardware that is matched with the optimal GPU boards to deliver the best possible results for Deep Learning, Machine Learning and AI tasks.

24/7 Support

A team of GPU experts is available around the clock, via phone or live chat.

GPU Dedicated Servers with instant deployment and unbeatable prices

Low-cost GPU dedicated servers

The lowest price, guaranteed on any GPU configuration. Get 10% off the lowest advertised price. Contact us for details.

Get instant access to your bare-metal server

Deploy your server instantly, in a global network backed by an industry-leading SLA.

Data centers

Deploy your GPU dedicated server from New York, Miami, Amsterdam or Bucharest.

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Instant GPU dedicated servers


Custom GPU dedicated servers


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Step 2

2. Provisioning

Instant server configurations are delivered in just a few minutes. Check your email for your activation details.

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3. Get started

Deploy your services and applications and start using your server.