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Stream High Quality Audio to All Devices

Icecast hosting servers for audio streaming to across all devices, no matter where your listeners are. Stream from a hardware encoder, a software encoder or upload your content to our servers and stream music directly from the cloud.

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Available Hardware Encoders

Stream directly from your studio, without a PC. Our recommended hardware encoders are stress tested for 24/7 streaming, virtually eliminating dead air.

Take Live Calls While Streaming by Integrating Skype with MIXXX

Use MIXXX to take live skype callers during your broadcast. Sky and Mixxx integration is included with your streaming services. Virtual audio cable required.

Stream From the Cloud or Use Cloud DJ Backup

Cloud DJ can be used as a back-up, in case your live source disconnects, or use to stream live directly from the cloud. Simply upload your music and create your playlists and schedules. Auto DJ is included with select plans.

No Website Required

A custom page for your radio is included. Start streaming today, even if you don’t have a website.

FREE Mobile App

Get a mobile app for your station free of charge with our enterprise plan. Our standard mobile app can be purchased for $299, with our simple and premium plans. Mobile app development requires Google Play and Apple IOS developer accounts. SEE OUR APPS HERE.

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Web Hosting

Web hosting services for personal and small business use, deployed on shared hardware. Get unlimited bandwidth and 24/7 support.



Fast, secure and scalable database solutions, deployed on Microsoft SQL or your platform of choice. Call or chat with us for a free consultation.

Business Applications

Business Applications

Custom architected, fully managed application hosting solutions for Software as a Service or custom internal applications.

Private Cloud

Private Cloud

Don't get lost in the cloud. Get a custom crafted, private cloud solutions, designed, deployed and maintained by our cloud experts.


Live Video Streaming

Deliver live video streaming to all devices, across all platforms from a single source. Pair your live video streaming services with our CDN to global reach with low latency.

Web Hosting

Server Clusters

Your business or application needs more than just a server. Get a custom server cluster solution designed specifically to your requirements.

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Excellence in Streaming with Icecast Hosting

Deploy your radio streaming services on a streaming platform built with reliability in mind. Icecast services deliver high quality audio to all devices across all platforms, natively. Get a custom radio streaming solution, architected to your requirements. Call or chat for a free consultation.

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Unique questions? We have precise answers. Ready to start a conversation? Call us at 1 646-201-4076