Stream Live from Anywhere without Wires

Create a WiFi HotSpot from your mobile device, connect your LiveShell to your camera via HDMI, and stream live from virtually anywhere, without wires.
Video Streaming Service required.

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LiveShell X - 679

Stream full 1080P video in H.265/H.264 from a portable encoder, that has built-in simulcasting and recording capabilities, and a Li-Ion rechargeable battery that lasts up to 6 hours.

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LiveShell 2 - 289

The small, yet powerful, Cerevo LiveShell 2 can deliver up to 720p video from anywhere. With a 3.3 hour battery life, LiveShell 2 will cover most live events on a single charge. LiveShell 2 fully integrates with our Live Video Streaming Services.

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LiveShell Pro - 429

The Pro version of Liveshell includes a built-in composite video input and analog audio inputs, along with the same features at the LiveShell 2. LiveShell Pro fully integrates with our Live Video Streaming Services.

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New Feature Highlights

H.265 Streaming Capabilities

Simulcast live video through H.265 and H.264 simultaneously, with the Cerevo LiveShell X. Record your live simulcast directly on the device’s built-in microSD slot.


Stream Live Without a PC

The Cerevo LiveShell 2 makes it possible to stream live, without a PC. Simply pair your device with your Server Room Video Streaming Service, connect it to your camera and stream live from anywhere.


Portable and Compact

Cerevo LiveShell 2 weighs less than your average smart phone. It's small enough to fit in your pocket or in the palm of your hand.


Easy to use Dashboard

Configure your LiveShell 2 or adjusts settings on the fly through a cloud interface, accessible from mobile devices, tablets or PC's.


Cerevo LiveShell 2 is Perfect for Broadcasting: