Epiphan Pearl - $4875

Live video streaming is easy with the portable, yet versatile, Epiphan Pearl. Connect up to 4 live sources and use the built in scaler to switch between sources while broadcasting live. Record up to 300 hours of live HD video, while streaming.

Epiphan Pearl Rackmount - $5375

Deploy Epiphan in your Data Center. Get the same features as Epiphan Pearl packed in a shell redesigned for rackmount deployment.

Epiphan Rackmount Twin - $10,475

Ingest up to eight HD video feeds and stream up to two simultaneous live feeds with the Pearl Rackmount Twin. The Rackmount Twin combines two Epiphan Pearl units into one rackmount device.

Epiphan is Perfect for Producers

Designed with producers in mind, the Epiphan Pearl has all the features producers looks for. Pearl is the combination of an encoder, mixer and recorder, in one easy to use device. Call or chat for a free consultation.

Ingest up to Four Live Sources

Epiphan Pearl can ingest up to 4 live sources simultaneously. Video capture is supported via HDMI, SDI, DVI and VGA. Audio is ingested via HDMI, SDI and stereo TRS jacks.

Built-In Mixer

Producing live video is easy with the built-in switchers on the Epiphan Pearl. Use the touch screen to select which source goes live, or deliver up four simultaneous live sources with picture-in-picture.

Up to 300 Hours of HD Video Recording

Record video while streaming live. Pearl’s built-in 1TB of storage, allows you to record up to 300 hours of high definition video.

Use Epiphan Pearl to Stream: