Give your listeners the100% uptime they deserve.
Hardware encoders are designed to run 24/7 with zero downtime, making them the option of choice for 24/7 online broadcasters.


DB9000-TX - 1400

Professional Rack Mount IP Audio Encoder(Icecast Only)

The DB9000-TX is designed for radio stations, looking for a professional, rack-mountable IP Audio encoder. Setup is quick and easy, through its user-friendly browser based interface. This device fully integrates with Server Room’s
radio streaming services.


DB90-TX - 525

Compact, Multi-purpose IP Audio Encoder(Icecast Only)

A budget friendly option for digital audio encoding, is the DB-90TX. It packs most features of the DB9000, in a small, yet versatile IP audio encoder. The device is setup in just minutes through its easy to use web interface, and is fully compatible with our
radio streaming services.

Highlighted Features

Stream Live Audio Without a PC

Your personal computer takes more space, uses more power and is less reliable. Deva Broadcasting digital encoders allow you to stream live, without a PC.

Designed for Professional Broadcasters

Deva Broadcasting encoders are equipped with XLR audio inputs, so you can connected to your studio equipment, without any additional adapters.

User-Friendly Browser Interface

Deva Broadcasting encoders can be easily setup in just a few minutes, through the user-friendly browser interface. If you have an account with us, our support team will assist you remotely.

Use Deva Broadcasting Audio Encoders to Stream: