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Server Room's mission is to answer the needs of our customers by providing reliable, innovative and competitive streaming services. Ever since 2004, Server Room has been delivering audio and video streaming solutions to broadcasters, administrative and academic institutions, religious organizations and other providers.
We excel at adding value to our client's services through the proficiency of our Tech Team that is committed to the company's vision and long term development.
Latest Tech

Latest Technologies

Our Company offers you the benefits of technology and reduces the technical problems involved. The servers and software are constantly upgraded in order to provide our clients with innovative audio and video streaming experiences.
Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps

Stream live and on-demand to internet connected gadgets as phones, tablets and other devices( iOS, Android, BlackBerry OS, Windows Phone, etc. )
24/7 Support

24/7 Free Support

Server Room highly values the customer's experience and the level of satisfaction. Our Technical Support Team is available 24/7 to assist your business needs.

Audio Streaming Services

Server Room provides innovative and competitive audio streaming services and stays close to your audience, in a time when online presence has become crucial to any business. Back in 2004 when SHOUTcast was launched, we were one of the first streaming providers. Our services will increase your revenue by expanding your audience throughout streaming.

Video Streaming Services

Server Room will gladly assist you in streaming video content across the internet. Either you want to build your own TV or radio station or you just want to stream an event, Server Room has the perfect solutions for you.

Hosting Services

Even if you need online storage or a virtual server when you launch your website, Server Room provides the best and most competitive hosting solutions. With shared hosting, you don’t need to worry about the website maintenance any more.

Dedicated Servers

Develop your business with a fully managed dedicated server. Our dedicated server will bring a whole new dimension to your business: resources, security, maintenance and 24/7 online support. Server room offers a wide range of flexible Dedicated Server plans, which can be customized on your request.

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If you have something important to say then the best and easiest way to make yourself heard is through an online radio station.