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What our customers are saying:

"Easy to use, great prices"

Duane Whittingham

"I love your services"

Nato Jenkins, Owner of Internet radio

"Ease of access. Reasonable costs. Good quality."

Gloucester Broadcasters Association Inc t/a Bucketts Radio

"We needed your type of service, You have a good name in the industry"

Founder of Deepwater & Districts Community FM Radio Incorporated

"I read through your services online and also made online research to ensure i was going to go in for something better. well you guys proved it."

Thomas Obeng Darko and I work for Omni Media Co. Ltd

"I'm very happy with the service, keep the good work. 24/7 hour chat service, quick response, excellent service, very respectful people, price"

Carlos Feliciano

"You guys ROCK and keep our stream up 100% of the time!"

Tim Granger, Owner of Real Radio Daytona

"We get more business! ;-)"

Rupert Englander, CEO of Wooshping LTD.

"Spreading good music to make people happy! :)"

Jamie Stone, Owner of UK Blend

"Generally happy with the service and support"

Jamie Stone, Owner of UK Blend

"More reliable service for customers and no calls on weekends for me."

Jacksonville State University

"The bandwidth calculator really helped me see what my usage and cost would be."

Kyle Yount

"The price is right and your service room is the best. The guys in your service room are nice and always there to help me if I have a problem...I always tell them that rocks."

Bill J. White Cambridge Old Time Radio

"My listener can get great service"

John-Aceking, Owner of

"One less thing to care for. My life is easier thanks to your service."

Benjamin D., IT Director

"Live broadcasting. Less trouble than setting up our own server to do the same thing, plus your bandwidth is fast."

Benjamin D., IT Director

"The price is fair and you offer many small scale plans to start with."

Benjamin D., IT Director

"Very Good and Happy with Serverroom and its Services"

Dharam Nair

"Very Good service and friendly staff"

Dharam Nair

"I am using Serverroom for last 12 years and best part is the chat room and problems solved immediately and developers are very friendly also."

Dharam Nair

"Nothing as its best serverroom and most of it when cyclone hit new york, serverroom tried to help at that time, To tell you the truth I haven't seen any company in my life so friendly just working like in a family."

Dharam Nair

"Good pricing and good service"

Hospital radio

"Extra loyalty for extra bandwidth capacity!"

Pete Leutner - EKR (East Kent Radio), Director and Sound Supervisor

"You're doing a great job and your service is adequate to my needs. It has been for like 4 years now! Not many services I've been CONSTANTLY happy with for so long! I changed hosting servers, ISP, insurance, car... but not Server Room! :P Good job guys! Keep it up ;-)"

Benjamin D.

"Professional presentation and up-front pricing"

Sara Luebke

"Best Customer Service 24 hours a day. Multiple Server streams for $5.00 more a stream after 02 Streams. Again the customer service contact 24/7"

Doug Sinclair Air Specturm Inc.

"Keep up the great work and please, keep a spot for us for the next 100 years! You guys ROCK!"

Tim Granger, Owner of Real Radio Daytona

"Don't change a thing! Best service I have ever had or will ever have."

Doug Hodgson

"You provide a very professional service and excellent technical backup."

Pete Leutner, Director of East Kent Radio

"I've been with you for 9 years and all is good."

Ed Kowalski, Internet DJ

"Your support rocks. Keep it up. Don't change a thing!"

Tim Trent, Chief Engineer of KDCC KONQ Radio

"I am very glad with the service. Live chat is very professional, fast and comprehensive. Keep up the good work!"

Gerline Isidora, General Manager of Deltha Broadcastin N.V.

"I appreciate our relationship and hope that we will grow as strategic business partners."

John Nance, Owner of StepNorth Media

"Thank you for providing us with outstanding service!"

Freddie, General Manager of Radio Ebenezer

"I have peace of mind in using your service. I receive much better customer service compared to other providers that I have worked with in the past."

Thomas Obeng Darko, Engineer at Omni Media Co. Ltd

"I don't have to worry about keeping an eye on my broadcast."

Michael Scott, Owner of Steel Radio

"More listeners. Ability to monitor broadcast remotely. Added aspect of our radio station."

Gloucester Broadcasters Association Inc

"Our listeners from around the world can easily follow us. And live event streaming has been improved greatly with the system we use via your streaming services."

Gerline Isidora, General Manager of Deltha Broadcastin N.V.

"Solid service and a good price point. Don't even get me started about the great customer service."

Peter Fretwell, General Manager of The Classical Network

"You have a wonderful service!"


"Do not stop providing Teamspeak services!"

Scott Sheedy

"Solid service and good response times!"

Ken Rhodes, Director of PopGeezer Radio

"I'm very happy with the service, keep up the good work!"

Carlos Feliciano

"The service is easy to use even for the less experienced."

Margherita Macchia

"The inexpensive streaming makes my livestream affordable."

Darcy Burnard, Podcaster

"I have the server up 24/7 without having to maintain a local machine on all the time."

Victor, Manager of Clasica FM

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