Open Broadcaster Encoder Configuration Tutorial


We firstly have to configure the video device be it a webcam or capture card.

Right click on the "Scenes" table and click on "Add scene". This will enable you to add devices to your scene for the stream. Now, in the "Sources" table right click and add the capture device of your preference and click on "OK".


Next we will configure our encoder to connect to our server.

Click on the "Settings" button highlighted in the image below and click on "Encoding" tab.

There you will be able to adjust your audio&video bitrate along with your preferred encoding formats.

Please note that the total bitrate is the sum of the video bitrate and audio bitrate.

If you are streaming at high bit rates, make sure the upload speed on your internet connection can handle the shown bit rate in the encoder


To connect the OBS to the streaming server click on "Broadcast Setting" there we will enter the provided Server Room streaming address provided.

The "Play Path/Stream Key" field is where you will enter your stream name, (example: livestream)

Please note that the OBS does not support Username and Password authentication if you have these enabled please request our support team to remove it.


Now you are ready to begin your stream.

Click on the "OK" button to go to the main OBS window.

You can click on "preview" in order to double check if you capture card is setup properly, after doing so, click the "preview" button again, and click on "Start Streaming" to begin your stream.

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