Unmanaged Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Servers Designed for your Application

Deploy your application on server hardware designed for maximum efficiency, density and low power usage, from servers that deliver the lowest operation costs in the industry. HP Moonshot server hardware is optimized specifically for hosting, streaming, computing or virtual desktop applications allowing you to eliminate unnecessary hardware, while having your applications run at peak performance.

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Use Moonshot Servers for

Media Processing

Our Moonshot m710 server cartridges are designed for streaming and transcoding, cloud DVR, Just in Time Transcoding and Just in Time Packing.

Big Data and Analytics

The Moonshot m510 server cartridges, are small enough to fit in your palm, yet powerful enough for the heaviest workloads. The m510 is powered by the new Intel Xeon D with up to 16 cores at 1.7GHz into a single chip.

Web Infrastructure

This entry level machine handles more than your average website. Powered by an Intel® Atom™ C2750 Processor, with 8 cores at 2.4 GHz, and 32GB of RAM, the Moonshot M300 dedicated server is perfect your website or web application.

Desktop Virtualization

Deploy your entire office from the cloud and allow your employees to access their desktops from anywhere, whether it’s from the office, from home or on the go. Each M700 cartridge has dedicated processing cores, graphics, RAM and storage, assigned to each virtual desktop machine.

Other Features


Get instant provisioning (delivered in 1 hour or less) on any moonshot dedicated server.


Deploy your application or website on a custom built, redundant global network, architected for low latency.


Moonshot servers are deployed on unshared 1Gbps ports with 5TB of monthly transfer included.

Free Migration

Get custom architected migration plan, designed for a seamless transition with minimal downtime.

Dedicated to Your Application

Moonshot hardware is designed and dedicated to your application, ensuring peak performance at all times.


Moonshot servers are delivered with an industry leading uptime guarantee and backed by 24/7 support, with live agents available around the clock.

Talk to us about a solution for...


Web Hosting

Web hosting services for personal and small business use, deployed on shared hardware. Get unlimited bandwidth and 24/7 support.



Fast, secure and scalable database solutions, deployed on Microsoft SQL or your platform of choice. Call or chat with us for a free consultation.

Business Applications

Business Applications

Custom architected, fully managed application hosting solutions for Software as a Service or custom internal applications.

Private Cloud

Private Cloud

Don't get lost in the cloud. Get a custom crafted, private cloud solutions, designed, deployed and maintained by our cloud experts.



Deliver live streaming to all devices, locally or globally. Deploy your streaming services on our low latency, global network.

Web Hosting

Server Clusters

Your business or application needs more than just a server. Get a custom server cluster solution designed specifically to your requirements.

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Application Specific Dedicated Servers

Run your applications at peak performance with workload specific hardware designs, delivered by HP Moonshot dedicated servers. Get a free consultation for your application requirements from a moonshot specialist.

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Unique questions? We have precise answers. Ready to start a conversation? Call us at 1 646-201-4076