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Cloud Servers

Industry leading cloud services from a provider you can rely on. Most computing happens in the cloud, isn't it time you upgraded?

Starting at $0.0145/hr for managed infrastructure

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Managed VMs and bare-metal servers in the cloud


We understand the cloud, and what it takes to deliver quality cloud services. Our top class cloud infrastructure is paired with 24x7 customer support, from Cloud Engineers, specifically trained to handle cloud server inquiries.


Top Features


Secure and reliable

Cloud servers built with all enterprise level parts (Intel Xeon CPU's, ECC memory, Enterprise HDD's and SSD's). All virtual serves are connected to RAID 10 configured storage, redundant power and network.


Global deployment

Deploy your applications close to your users. Choose from our New York City or Bucharest Data Centers.


Easy deployment

Cloud deployment does not have to be complicated. We'll customize your cloud and deploy your application, all free of charge.


Customer happiness

We're here to fulfill your requirements and make sure you are happy with our services and support at all times! Our customer happiness team is available day or night, 24 x7, via live chat or phone.

Cloud Configuration Classes

Cloud Server Price Estimator

General Purpose

RAM Monthly Cost
1 GB $0.014510.44/hour
2 GB $0.02920.88/hour
4 GB $0.04129.52/hour
8 GB $0.11582.8/hour

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The Managed Infrastructure service level is included free of charge across all Cloud Servers (virtual and bare metal).


Outgoing - Outgoing bandwidth pricing is tiered, the more you use, the less you pay per GB.

Usage Price/GB
Over 10TB $0.10
Next 40TB $0.08
Next 150TB $0.07
Next 300TB $0.06
Next 524TB $0.05

Incoming & internal - There is no charge for incoming or internal bandwidth.

Discounts available

Get discounts on Cloud Servers with high-volume usage and prepayment.

Unique questions? We have precise answers. Ready to start a conversation? Call us at 1 646-201-4076